About me

There are a lot of great cycling blogs out there. I enjoy reading about other people’s experiences and would like to share my own experiences with others now, too – mainly to convince those of you who are just thinking about trying this sport at the moment to give it a go, but also to maybe get tips from those who have been cycling for a while.

I actually used to be a runner. When I was four, I participated in athletics training for the first time, and I soon discovered that I liked running long distances best. I’m 33 years old now and still love running. Having been forced to take many breaks, the last one after problems with my Achilles tendons, I looked for a new sport which put less strain on my tendons and joints than running, but offered me similar benefits: exercising outdoors, in any place, in any season. That’s why I took up cycling. In spring 2015, I started off with road biking, a couple of months later I started mountain biking as well.

Although I’ve been watching the Tour de France since I was a little girl, my passion for watching cycling never made me want to get into cycling of any kind myself. The reason might be that I’m definitely not a natural when it comes to cycling: I vividly remember that I even managed to fall over with training wheels, and I cannot deny that I’m still pretty clumsy. I was therefore pretty sceptical if I would stick with it for long when I bought my first road bike.

After eight years with my bikes, it now feels like I’ve found the perfect sport – even more so since I took part in my first races. I’ve always loved competing. Not because I want to come first all the time, but because I like having a goal that I can prepare for and because I enjoy pushing myself to the limit on the big day.

Cycling has already given me many great experiences, which I’m going to write about in this blog. I’d like to show that you can experience and achieve a lot in just a short period of time and encourage everyone to get on a road bike or mountain bike as well. I’ll also go into my countless fears, since I now know they were unfounded, but have realized that a lot of people who start cycling when they’re adults worry about similar stuff.