Finding the perfect saddle

A topic that can be very frustrating. During my first ride with my road bike, my butt suffered a lot. And that didn’t change during the second, third…, twentieth ride, either. In the beginning, I thought my body just needed to deal with it and I shouldn’t be such a baby. But one day, I realized I simply had the wrong saddle and started looking for the right one. The first saddle I bought because I thought it was the right one was the Selle Italia SLS Max Flow. It has a cut-out in the centre Read more

To use clipless pedals or not to use clipless pedals? That is the question.

Clipless pedals – a topic I had thought about a lot since the idea of buying a road bike first entered my mind. The predominant thought was, “Do you really need them?” Today, my answer is a definite “yes”! Without them, you make life unnecessarily hard. I didn’t really make the choice to switch to clipless pedals myself, since my boyfriend saw mountain bike shoes in my size that were on sale, bought them and installed clipless pedals on my bike as well. At first, I didn’t really Read more

Zwift – indoor training that will get you hooked

If someone had told me last year it would be hard for me not to use my turbo trainer every day, I would have thought they were crazy. I’ve had Zwift for three months now, though, and it has completely changed the way I think about indoor training. Before I had heard of Zwift, I actually wouldn’t even have thought about buying an indoor trainer, as I couldn’t imagine that I would enjoy cycling while staring at the wall. Although I knew that indoor training was helpful and made sense, especially Read more