Exercising during pregnancy

“Giving birth is like running a marathon, and no marathon runner would show up at the start line without having trained beforehand.” That is how the midwife who gave our prenatal classes put it. She advised all of us participants to be as active as possible for the remainder of our pregnancies. I have been wanting to write this blog post since I was pregnant, and now that our son is almost nine months old, I finally got round to doing it. I would like to tell you how I kept fit during my pregnancy, Read more

Much sweat and an amazing community – the 2018 Zwift Academy

Just like in 2016 and 2017, Zwift and CANYON//SRAM organized the women’s Zwift Academy together this year. The Zwift Academy is a virtual training camp for cyclists from all over the world, and all athletes who have a Zwift account can register for free. This year, it consisted of ten workouts, four social group rides and two races, which had to be completed over eight weeks. Participants could do the workouts whenever they wanted, and several group rides and races were offered at different times Read more